Friday, February 18, 2011

I Wanna Pull My Hair

I absolutely love this guy! Ha!

So much for diversion (but seriously, the article's good). I haven't a chart to post. Coz I'm still holding my SHORT from yesterday. Rather unfortunate. I blame my predictably undependable mental acumen more though.

I shared with a certain significant someone my intention to backpack in Europe, just to get out of the current rut I'm in. To spur me on, he made me watch a British film on human trafficking in UK, only to suggest a more exciting alternative after that: get into the busiest MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) station during the busiest hours, elbow my way through the busiest crowd to get into a train, lean my whole body against a pole (that at least 5 people can use for support), and swear at anyone who stares at me in disbelief/contempt.


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