Saturday, February 19, 2011

Jules is a Mule (Part 1001)

D asks what is it that I have against having more money. I ponder on the question for so long he decides to help me by re-phrasing his question: what would I like to buy with the extra money that I make from trading. 

A long list comes to mind - nose job, lipo, boob job and maybe a face-lift - which I almost immediately drop of course. The last time I was at my dentist's to extract 2 wisdom teeth, I prayed the Lords' Prayer throughout the procedure (which made me my dentist's best patient coz I was totally quiet and still - I was frozen with fear that I was going to die of massive blood loss or from an infection....). I wouldn't get my brows tatooed coz I don't want to risk contracting Aids. In short, I don't like anything cutting into any part of my body. So some thoughtful friends suggested meso lipolysis and botox and some strange concoction for breast enhancement instead. All make me cringe - I hate having anything foreign / toxic going into my body as much as I hate having anything that's a part of me that's harmless taken out of it.

D asks if I would like to change my whole wardrobe. Totally tickles me. I utterly hate trying on new clothes, hate boutiques, hate salespeople, and ultra hate their customers. Shopping is a torturous  and traumatic experience for me. I'd rather do the laundry. Since we're on the topic, I hate spas and resorts, clubs and alcohol, and cigars - especially the apple-flavored ones - too.

D asks if I would like a bigger house. I say I don't like to hear echos in my own home, and I don't want to have to spend half a day looking for my cats. And I can't imagine how I'm going to keep a big house clean enough for me to want to eat, sleep and breathe in it.

D mentions the Europe trip. I remind him that I'm only interested in the poor-man version, not the honey-moon style that burns 5k per person per week. I'll really like to live on a farm actually, and try out hitch hiking.

D gives up. 

I'm still holding my short. 2 actually, since I added another contract. I couldn't help it - it's already Friday, and Monday's a holiday, and based on the past 2 days' trends I can't imagine there are many bears left that want to run...I hate having to do complicated analysis like that...but it's a desperate, we'll see what happens on Tuesday. Below's the chart that I hesitated to post initially because it's really bad influence. But since I've stated upfront - somewhere - that I'm likely to be suffering from serious brain damage, I'm going to assume that no one's going to try to do what I did:

I'm not going to justify my trades by saying that I know CL...but I do know CL, and I know where I am going to bail if price doesn't get to where I want it to go by Tuesday. And the CL account is a small account - I won't cry even if it's wiped out. I might lose sleep for 24 hours, but I won't lose my will to live. That said, I really don't want to lose even 10% of the current balance, so, I'll be monitoring closely. 

Overall, it's been a really lousy week, coz I have been obstinate as hell, and brain-dead. 

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Soullfire said...

When I think of accumulating wealth, I believe I'm more excited by knowing I'll have many more options available rather than taking on any specific action itself. Knowing you aren't financially limited is pretty exciting in and of itself.

This must have been a tough week for futures traders since by coincidence, two of the traders on your blog roll have blogged about just having traumatic trading events. One trader has said he is quitting the profession altogether and another is experiencing extreme demoralizing feelings with all time lows.

Like you, I'm also a current member of the "day trade turned extended trade" club that began last week which I'll go into detail in my upcoming blog.

I admire you for also posting your problematic trades- it's something all of us experience due to the rogue traders within us acting up.


seabloke said...

i'm stealing those cat pics.

Anonymous said...

The greater your (unrealized) losses and general angst then the funnier and more entertaining your posts are! This was hilarious.

If you were annoyingly happy and used hard stops then this would become a v.boring blog :-)

Jules said...

@ Soulfire: welcome to the club! LOL! Yes, it's been a rough week/month. I suspect it has something to do with V-day...possibly Chinese New Year too. ;-)

@ Sea: BE MY GUEST. LOL!!!

@ LW: So, I surmise that I can, in future, substitute funny stories for confessions of my folly? I can finally not post my losses - unrealized or otherwise - and still be able to show that I screw up on a regular basis? Woo hoo!!! By the way, this IS a v. boring blog. And you haven't accepted my friend request!! Hmph!!!

Anonymous said...

By the way, I looked at a long term chart of CL today and the max high water mark looks like the 98 range which is a high reversal area.

I can email you the chart if you like.

Jules said...

:-) Soulfire. Thank you, that's really sweet. :-)
I've actually taken a drastic measure, and will be doing an update... I read your post - certainly speaks to me. LOL!