Saturday, February 12, 2011

Not a Teacher

I have received in the past weeks requests from traders for me to teach/ coach/ mentor them, and am doing a mass reply here.

I don't mean to be rude, but I don't teach for a fee. I show how I trade for free, but am doing it for family and friends only (I do my best to share as much as possible via my postings, but my priority is always going to be how these postings will affect my own trading psychology. Bear in mind that I am very new to this business myself).

I recommend these professional coaches (great traders with decades of experience under their belts) instead:

1) Michael Woo, for those living in Singapore. Michael holds previews that will be totally worth your time and you can find out during these half-day sessions what he has to offer. Michael teaches both basic and advanced trading courses (his emini course is very popular - I had the privilege of sitting in, and there wasn't a moment that I switched off (I switch off easily). In a nutshell, his courses are value for money). To find out about dates of his upcoming previews, simply fill in the form here.

2) Austin P, author of Austin specializes in both the stock index futures and commodity futures markets, and has developed a range of strategies for trading them. Austin is straight to the point, and gives you concrete material that you can actually apply to your trading almost immediately. His video package is very comprehensive, and he is a joy to listen to.

If you're simply looking for someone to kick your ass, your spouse is simply the best; trading buddies are good alternatives.


De'Trader said...

Hi Jules,
Det here...
Just want to say u're one of the best trader I know around this world. I don't know much good

Solfest said...

The best way to learn how to trade is to mortgage your house, then day trade natural gas futures until it is all gone, then ask your spouse to forgive you, then find a good divorce attorney, then beg your Mother for money, then day trade crude oil futures until that is all gone, then move in with your Mother, then get a job at a gas station where you work until you are 91 years old, and then retire in a nice trailer park where you die 3 weeks later.

Or maybe you should just keep your day job.

Jules said...

@ DeT: :-)
@ Solfest: Oink.

DT233 said...

Manufactured housing parks

Anonymous said...


I've visited your site on several occasions and I have to say I appreciate the time you take in creating and posting your trading charts and results. It's clear to see it's a labor of love- as anyone who's passion is in trading would understand. =)

You already provide a wealth of information in showing your entries and exits along with your commentary. Anyone who is asking for more guidance from you doesn't yet fully comprehend what it takes to be a successful trader. There really isn't any substitute for someone taking on and surviving the learning curve through their own work and studies. One can talk to a professional driver all day, but one won't really learn to drive until they've spent considerable time behind the wheel.