Monday, March 21, 2011

Notes 3/21

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School, School, SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damn, I'm still a terrible student...Running late!!!

@ZuAiMoNk (I have to find a way to remember your nick...):
Thank you...:-) Yes, juggling trading with school, or juggling trading with anything else for that matter, is hard. You're in college I guess?

@Times Of Your Life:
You laugh a lot :-)... And you are more active on Trader-X's blog than on your own! :-)

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ZuAiMoNk said...

Currently doing my degree... I really like your approach of simply doing 1 or 2 trades a day. For my style I cant, cos I need to average my weekly results to be on the green side.

Jules said...

Well, ZuAiMoNk, that's really interesting, coz I'm picky these days to avoid seeing reds (I hate red). :-)

Julia Clara said...

Nice trades!

Jules said...

:-) Thank you, Julia.

De'Trader said...

I had painful slippage with IB. R u having the same with me? But I guess u have more further SL so it's not too bothering u.

U once using infinite and come back to IB. Is it because the down-platform?

Oh, and nice trades, keep it up :)

Times of Your Life said...

i do...i do... laugh a lot

wahahahhah SCHOOL...
for me, i don't really like it, too much reading -_-"

@.@ its true...
I am more active there, i think its because that was the first blog i read
and i am quite active here too :DDD...

ah...i don't know what to say in my blog, and if i save the charts to my computer, it is faster for me to review them (@.@ not like i review them a lot, just occasionally), scrolling them in my folder is very easy and quick

Soullfire said...

Your consistency is like a work of art. =) I had fun today trading a failure of a pattern, that bordered on being a failure of a failure. I was ready to reverse positions, but time was running out so I got out with a positive scratch.

Thanks for the updated link regarding Japan. =) It's interesting that the article was written when Japan was at the height of its power economically speaking - before they hit the wall of a decade+ long recession. The economic balance of the world has changed dramatically since then - making China the new economic lynchpin.

Jules said...

I have no issue with slippage coz I use market orders for both entries and exits. On those occasions where I was stopped out, slippage is usually 1 to 2 ticks or none at all. When volume is thin, slippage is inevitable.

Jules said...

Times of Your Life,

Well, I hope you have fun here :-)

Jules said...

Yes, that was an interesting not too concerned about who's going to rule the world next though...I'm set on retiring in a fishing village. :-)

You traded your bread and butter stocks? Or futures? Failed failures are NICE! :-)

Roy said...

hi Jules

How is your experience using IB? I have been using TOS but i am thinking of switching broker.

Care to advice?


Jules said...

Hi Roy,

No complaints about IB so far. Maintenance time is fixed at 12 to 1215am ET - if I'm in trade, I'll know that I won't be able to do anything about my position in that 15minutes. So, not an issue.

Happy with the comm rates, happy with the trading platform, happy that it has no programs that force me to choose a strategy and a specific hard stop, happy that it almost never logs me out (except once 2 years ago - but I found out later it was my service provider's fault) and very happy with the speed with which they attend to my requests to move money around.

Just don't use their charts.

Roy said...

Hi Jules

thanks for your prompt reply. I heard from friends that they charge for order cancellation, is that true? I uses trailing stop loss i might cancel quite a bit.

what do you use for charting? Ninja trader with IB data?

btw, i trade CME on corn/wheat/ES/currency futures.

thanks again :-)

Jules said...

I assume your friends are trading options, Roy? Charges for order cancellation apply to options. It's the exchange that's charging. I use Sierra for charting.

Roy said...

Hi Jules

Thanks for your confirmation, i have mistaken that order cancellation apply to futures trading too.

FYI, i uses TOS currently thinking of changing broker.

Soullfire said...


I was trading my equities group. =) One plus futures has over equities is that as you get later in the trading day, equity patterns are less reliable. The best pattern plays are from the opening to mid afternoon. At 2 hours before closing or less, the probability of follow through starts going down.