Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I don't check my emails every day, sometimes not even once a week. And whenever I do, I'll be confronted with mails that leave me feeling totally bewildered.

The latest:

1) A series of emails (still coming in) addressed to Michael and copied to the whole TFAL group asking why they haven't been receiving their free daily newsletters and tips on stocks and options to buy and sell;

2) Emails asking why there's no word on my blog regarding Japan's situation

To 1):......never mind, you know what I have to say, and you know it isn't nice.

To 2): I haven't mentioned a word because there is absolutely nothing I can do. I have watched no videos of the aftermath, and am not keeping track of any stats. I have no connection to agencies that are providing aids, am terrified of the sea, and don't want to think about how terrified the people must have been.... So, I really don't want to talk about it.

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De'Trader said...

I agree with u from no.2...no.1 is not my business.

Japanese out there no lack of money. They lacked of food and other stuffs to survive. How can we help? U want to go to japan with jumbo jet and dropped some logistic containers? I wish I can, I'll do it instantly

Jules said...

:-) De'Trader.
Frustrating, isn't it? When events like these happen, it reminds me of the many children in impoverished countries that are dying by the hundreds and thousands everyday. The fact is,bad things happen to many people on a daily basis, and I do my best to help those within my reach.

Soullfire said...

#1 is definitely annoying going on rude, but #2 is downright bizarre. Why on earth would they expect you to be an alternate news source? Your blog acronym is JIJ, not CNN. :/

Jules said...

Soulfire :-)
On some blogs, I'm seeing visitors asking bloggers for tips on trading the situation...and on the day of the quake, when I was looking at my charts, D asked if yen's going down. I said it's likely that it will go up because of foreign aid (converted to yen) and money going back to Japan for rebuilding of infrastructure (actually just the perception of that would suffice)...so maybe there really was nothing wrong with people asking...we are traders, nothing that we think, say and do will ever be too bizarre. Ha.

Soullfire said...

Now, I would totally understand them asking you geopolitical questions if you normally blogged about trading using that information. But I've only seen you trade using TA, not news. Apparently they must think you are all knowing...which makes the questions all-annoying. ;-) As traders, we all should make up out own minds about what to do. Asking another trader for specific advice to follow is like using a black box. ;-)

Jules said...

:-) D enjoys irritating me like that. After CL's nauseating rally from 87 to 103, he has been forwarding me and sharing verbally all the news on oil that he could find :-)

I indulge him whenever I'm in a good mood like this day in Sept last year: http://juzjules.blogspot.com/2010/09/gc-trades-91.html#more