Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Notes 3/15 - Small Window of Opportunity (Updated)

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With 30min OR right smack in the middle of the day's range, I was prepared to wait for more to unfold...then bulls failed to reverse to resistance zone for a 2nd time, and failed to reverse back above wedge trendline for a 3rd touch bounce, providing a small window for a short to support at S1.5 at 97.08 (as much as I can help it, I don't want to have to take a mid-day trade on a day like today, and I can't stay for a late day trade coz SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW).

The plan was to hold to S2 at around 96.50 (betting on breach of support at 97) but volume was not picking up after price broke out of 30min OR, and on the hourly (see chart below), 9am bear was running out of time to close below the day's low, and looked like it was going to find support at 3rd touch of dotted downtrendline (red line). So I covered once price stalled slightly above S1.5.

CL Hourly
typos on first chart :
1) All "YH"s should read "YL"
2) "Short an OR BO to supply zone" should read "Short an OR BO to DEMAND zone"

Clearly, I'm feeling disturbed about first day of school...explains why I'm still wide awake at 2:45 am (and decided that I might as well check out CL's fate at close).

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Soullfire said...

When I first looked at your trading log I was expecting to see just daily trades since it the start of the week, then I saw all those blue numbers and my eyes popped out - saying to myself "Holy cow- Jules IS a superbot trader to do all that in one day!" =) Then I saw your circled area, changing your performance from "inside trader/deity" to merely consistently impressive/excellent work. ;-)

By the way, your first chart won't enlarge when clicked on. I have to say a well dressed charts that can't be read is a much bigger tease than chart porn. ;-)

Jules said...

LOL!!! Soulfire!!

Problem rectified :-) I must have accidentally de-linked the chart. My bad!

I much prefer 1 or 2 trades that yield those blues combined :-D Getting in and out 5 times day in day out is just too punishing!

Jules said...

Actually, 8 times. Great, my brain's totally fried.

DT233 said...

Well done Jules!

Jules said...

DT!!!! :-)

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

What school are you attending?

Jules said...

:-) After I've told you, I'm going to have to kill you, SFT...


Ok, I actually want to rant (that's why I have to kill you if I told you)...but I'm not sure that it's fair given that today's the first day...

All I can tell you is that it's one of our universities...and the lecturer is SI-BEI CHIO ( !!! Early 40s (I guess), tastefully funny, has the sweetest smile, and NICE LEGS!!! :-)

I know, if you have to kill me to find out where the place is, you will. :-)

Singapore 新加坡 forex trader said...

Yes big sis jules,

I like mature women a lot, they're more experience and always shower me with sisterly love. My bro in law elder sis(early 40s, pretty busty) is divorced and she alway showed me tenderly care when I go to her place, I mean during dinner time, no hanky panky..