Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trade 3/16 (Asian Globex) & I Hate School

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Off to class. 

I hate teachers. 

I hate classmates. 

I hate the the mandatory 75% attendance to qualify for examinations. 

75% was my absence rate from lectures in university, and when I graduated I was on Dean's List!


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Soullfire said...

Oh, so you were one of "those" students - the class "curve-breakers" that made the test grading curve much higher and more difficult for those with less optimum brains. ;-)

Jules said...

LOL! I wish, Soulfire!! It was the "curve-breakers" that made me burn lots of midnight oil and pop lots of wake-up pills to beat them! :-)

Jim Stevenson said...

Very nice blog...

Jules said...

Thank you, Jim. You have a very nice blog yourself (and you trade nat gas! :-)). Got your look like Hugh Dillon (one of my favorite men)!