Thursday, March 17, 2011

Notes 3/17 (Asian Globex) & I Feel LONELY

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I gave US session CL a miss yesterday, because it was crazy oil data release day.

I miss those Wednesdays where CL would move 200 cents before my brain could process what just happened, and way before my heart could react by skipping a beat (somehow I could never be on the right side of the move whenever I FORGOT oil release - I'm sure there were more than 3 occasions where I had sat on a 2 to 2.5k paper loss for probably a minute after oil report). Those wild sessions were at least FUN to watch.

School was not so bad. Except that part where we were expected to get to know ALL our classmates by May (!!!). I went out for a smoke whenever we were told to introduce ourselves to at least 2 strangers (I felt disturbed enough to take my chance - I mean, I was smoking on campus ground).

D had sent me a text the moment I stepped into class telling me to "BE GOOD". When school was over, I asked D if it'd be ok if I decided to be hostile, coz friend-making is just too draining an exercise for me (I had really wanted to learn to roll my eyes just so I could roll them whenever I need to drive people away). And I am so wearing my wedding ring tomorrow. DAY 2!!!

I am seriously missing a few people on the blogosphere. I feel like I am the only one from Solfest's (the first person that checked out my blog when I started writing in May 2008, and gave me a 5-star rating on bloglog) era left standing. I miss Solfest, I miss Long & Wrong, I miss Daytrader 233, I miss JE, I miss Lonely, I miss MM, I miss Lord Tedders, Ed, MVW, and the latest, Sandy, and probably half a dozen more that have quit writing.

Which makes me wonder, why the hell am I still writing? The community's getting pathetically small, and just about every other blogger/ blog reader seems to be gravitating towards the unwholesome TWITTER!!!

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JE said...

I'm still here, every day! Still working at the job we "discussed" by email a while back and running my fund. When are you going to commit to that trip to the states?

cory said...

lets face it, t's lonely at the top ;-]

Alchi said...

you've lost old followers but get some new :-) I just started reading your blog, and it a very nice place. You seems to be a good trader and also a nice person.
Keep writing !

seabloke said...

you didn't mention me on your "miss" list.

serious?! They make you break ice?! My class.. no one knows each other except the attention-seeking ones. Oh that makes more than half the class i think.

Soullfire said...

I've been tracking trading blog sites and it's clear to see that the vast majority of them have a short shelf life- due primarily to the difficulty of the task at hand. Most people quit, and among those who succeed I bet a good percentage start taking advantage of that extra capital and blog less.

"...I am so wearing my wedding ring tomorrow."

This tells me that the male portion of the class has concluded that the teacher isn't the only SI-BEI-CHIO in the room. ;-)

Solfest said...


Bah Humbug!

Jules said...

JE!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Happy to hear that you're still busy at your 2 jobs...(I'm starting to think you're a TRIPLE Type A...)

Will be in the States this Fall. :-) At least I've got my passport renewed! LOL! Maybe we can meet in Vegas! ;-)

Jules said...

That's a myth. It's party and all at the top! Lonely is when all your friends have gone to the party :-)

Jules said...

Hello, Alchi :-)

Actually, they are my followings, not my followers. I follow them. Now that they are gone, I am lost!!!

Thank you for reading, and for the kind comment! :-)

Jules said...

SEA!!! I just told you the day before that I missed you! YOU DON'T REMEMBER??? HMPH!!!!!!

Oh yes, they made us break ice. Probably coz I sat right under her nose...she felt the chill...I thought yours already came with an ice-breaker? LOL!

Jules said...


You actually know "SI-BEI-CHIO"!!! I'm OVERAWED!!!! Did I ever mention that Singaporeans are the most difficult to understand, linguistically? :-)

Re blogging - I'm beginning to think that, perhaps, it's coz trading gets unexciting with time passing (don't all gurus say that - trading when done right is supposed to be dry and boring? :-)) bloggers who trade are more likely than other bloggers to run of interesting things to say (write)... Or maybe they're just busy playing online poker at 3am...or TWITTERING!! :-)

Jules said...

Even though you deflected!!!!

JE said...

Jules, for real -- Vegas?! I L-O-V-E Vegas. Give me two hours notice and I'll be there. :-)

Jules said...

DEAL, JE!!! :-)

Times of Your Life said... one knows i am here....(@.@)

hahahah i am new, i am new to trading world about a year ago...

and i am secretly reading your blog like few weeks ago and never give out any comment until now

Lord Tedders said...


Yeah I hear what you are saying. Personally the well just runs dry on things to say about trading. Also I've switched my journal over to being completely video which takes way too long to upload to a blog.

BTW if you are seriously coming out to Vegas please keep me in the loop. Its not far from where I am in Cali.


Jules said...

Times of Your Life! Ha! I know you! You're a regular on Trader-X's comment section. You have a very eye-catching avatar :-) Thank you for having dropped by for weeks! Please don't feel obligated to comment - I talk very little about my trades (except on my charts) and that leaves very little room for visitors to say anything in response :-)

I AM FASCINATED BY THE SWIMMING FISH ON YOUR BLOG!!! Did you have to write a program for that?

Jules said...

LT!!! (^_^) :-*
Yes, you've been quiet! And yes, many traders seem to be using videos to record their trades. Is it better than writing journals according to your experience?

Yes, the trip will definitely include a few days at vegas. D NEVER missed vegas whenever he visited his family in LA. :-) WE CAN ALL GO PLAY POKER TOGETHER!!!! ($_$)!!!

Times of Your Life said...

hahahahha yesyes thats me, very very eye-catching indeed...@.@...

ahhhhhh i don't know how to write programs, but i wish i know so i can wriet some killer programs hahahahhaha
those swimming fish is from the's gadget design section, they are already made for people to use. its quite interesting hahahahah

Soullfire said...


As much as I'd like to take credit, I actually picked it up from you in your reply to SFT in an earlier post via your nicely added Urban Dictionary link. =)

I'm looking forward to trading being boring, but it sure seems a far way off. ;-)

As for twittering - I find stocktwits to be an interesting service as they have all kinds of traders/investors- futures, forex, equities, etc.

It gives you an interesting feedback of overall market sentiment and also lets you see who the professionals and amateurs are based on their tweeted entries/exits.