Friday, March 11, 2011

Trade 3/11 & Jules is a Kampong Girl

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Am in no mood to trade the US session given the volatility. And it's Friday - things can get either really good, or catastrophically bad with the wide hard stops that I've been giving my trades lately.

Above all, I just watched a really sad movie - a kid who lost his twin brother kept googling for information on what happened to people who died - and I just wanna cry.

the last surviving KAMPONG (reminds me of our beloved Sin Nan):
I went to bed this morning thinking of the place...Should I move there??? Rent is 6 bucks/month!!! And no streetlights!!! How exciting is that??

I couldn't concentrate on the article, coz out of the corner of my eye, I saw this: and decided it was a lot more interesting and has far more relevance... :-) And you DO have a blog. USE IT. :-)

And the biggest move comes from price reversing at the base/ceiling of a broadening channel :-)

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Soullfire said...

Hmmm, I'm starting to suspect "Jules" might be a codename for a very well designed state of the art trading bot. Your trading and profit is way too consistent and clockwork like to be from us mere mortals. :) Since they had that super-computer take on and beat the human past jeopardy champions,it's plausible that another super-bot could both trade and engage in blogging conversation....I'm onto you!!! ;-)

Kampong looks nice and peaceful/relaxing. $6/month rent is also awesome. That's the fantastic thing about making a living by trading - you can relocate anywhere - as long as they have decent internet access. :)

seabloke said...

i wanna go there too! I don't watch tv, don't listen to the radio, hardly online. So we can all move there and pay $6/mth, sew "5 stones", play hopscotch & zero point, and feed the chicks till they grow big old fat.

That said, you can't get scv in that kampung. There's no cable. You won't get open net too. So there.

Jules said...

Soulfire :-)

Yes there's always a clock ticking inside...LOL!

Re the said Kampong - there's no need to uproot as the place is less than an hour's drive from where I'm living now :-) Yes, it should be peaceful and relaxing...and definitely very, very boring...

Jules said...

SEA!! :-)

I'll be too busy exchanging ghost stories with my neighbors to care about SCV!

AND I have starhub mobile - if it doesn't work, I'll just drive out to Lot 1 for connection. LOL!!!!

Don't envy moi!!! >:->