Friday, March 11, 2011

Notes 3/10 & I Forgot How to Trade a Trending Day

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Breakouts are simply ÜBER REVOLTING.

I want my choppy, range-bound, V-slam days.

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De'Trader said...

How can you profit from choppy,range and v-slam stuff? For me it's worst thing form trading

Jules said...

ok, maybe not choppy (was just trying to make a statement. Ha). But I do prefer range-bound days and mid-late day V-slams. :-)

Anonymous said...

very nice, are you on twitter?

Jules said...

:-) thank you, Donald.

No, I'm not on twitter.

Soullfire said...

Jules has the blues,...but in a good way. =)

Lol - I love trading trending stocks, range bound is okay but the biggest channel moves come form trends.

Oil was crazy this afternoon....what a news inspired spike and drop! It's beginning to take on characteristics of the high beta stocks I trade. :)