Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trades 3/9

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The intention was to avoid oil today, but I might as well have been trading oil, as it was totally waltzing TF into its distinctive chops, particularly after it started trading at 9am ET.

On an unrelated note, I'm officially suffering from LW - Solfest - Sandy withdrawal syndrome. 

I'll miss the pretty blues too! After all, it's my favorite color...after black, white, lilac and pink that is. :-) Activity statements are more transparent. Trade logs don't capture trades that are more than a few days old :-)

NAKED charts with minimal trendlines and sans micro-trendlines. :-)

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De'Trader said...

Jules, why you avoid trading CL today?

Jules said...

De'Trader :-)
Oil release - it's not nice to trade before it, and I wasn't planning to take late day trades. So, no oil :-)

Jules said...

Most importantly, De'Trader, it's coz I'm not big on trading with trend pull backs (if CL does trend after release).

De'Trader said...

okay, thanks.
I think after oil release there's usually have good trendy move.

Julia Clara said...

Nice, sometimes the best thing to do is not to trade.
I have some guys that I know that trade Crude Oil, I'm tempt to look the charts. :)

Jules said...

Hello, Julia :-)
What's stopping you? :-)

Anonymous said...

If I still had a blog I would be writing about this at 3AM ...

"Even if someone makes very sound, risky financial decisions after a normal night of sleep, there is no guarantee that this same person will not expose you to untoward risk if sleep deprived"

... but I don't, so I can't.