Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trades 3/30, Long & Wrong, and Cob Houses

Color-blind test....Courtesy of Long & Wrong (LW, D insisted he couldn't read the word...MUAHAHAHHAAA!!!):
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Absolutely crazy tape - even by my standards - and ultra ugly charts. I'm also blaming SCHOOL for my misjudgement - attending classes has been a drain.
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Now for some happier things: COB HOUSES!!!! I have been googling after LW told me about them...I'm now head over heels in love with these strange but absolutely sweet looking homes - it a shame that in my country, I"ll never get a permit to build it!!!!

Google images of cob houses:
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@ TYL: You haven't missed anything :-) My posts have been so awfully boring they make me sleep....

@ Roy: USD 4.64 per contract per round turn

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Times of Your Life said...

not boring at all, its always interesting to me when i look at other trader's trades

@.@ these cob house....
it looks like i can design anything

Jules said...

Yes, you do, TYL!! :-)

Look at all these resources on the net (LOVE cyberspace!!!):



Step by step instructions:


Roy said...

thank Jules

Regarding the model, unbelivable young looking

Alchi said...

Jules said...

You're most welcome, Roy! LOL!

Jules said...

:-) Thank you, Alchi! Yes, my damaged brain can see both clock-wise and counter-clock-wise...