Thursday, April 07, 2011

Trade Logs

Came to the realization that with the exception of a few, blog visitors like to see trading logs and monthly statements (I personally do).

For the benefit of those who have found them useful, I'll resume posting my PnL (probably no longer on the same day the trades are taken though) and detailed monthly activity statements, for as long as I'm still updating this blog.

For those that have something against bloggers documenting their own trading activities and statements online,  there's always the choice of not dropping in. 

To maintain my sanity, I'm going to continue to have comments turned off. 

Friends who have access to my private blog (on which I will be posting more detailed notes) are most welcome to leave notes there, and I will be most glad to respond. 

Trade Logs for 1st week of Apr:

Mon, Apr 4 (trading was done on main/parent account due to problems in the smaller CL account):
Tues & Wed, Apr 5 and 6 (back to using CL account):

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