Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Celeste, Nicole Seah, "Choped Tissue" & Trades 5/24

Celeste turns 20 today (I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow seeing more strands of grey), and I had to resort to sending her a private message (via facebook!) to wish her a happy birthday, because I'm too afraid to call (after "happy birthday", what else am I going to say??), and don't want to embarrass her by posting on her wall.

In an effort to forget that I am officially an epic failure, I have been cyber-bullying, and the experience has been a blast (granted that I've never really cared about yahoo (sg) news, this particular one really caught my attention, because for the first time, readers are bashing Nicole Seah!) :

This is purely for D's amusement:


Still holding a 6S long:
Will post charts tomorrow after I've closed the 6S position.

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