Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trades 5/24 & 5/25, Seabloke & Celeste

Didn't get to speak with Celeste after all. She was unreachable. Even my very resourceful sister did not manage to track her down. I was a little disappointed, coz I had meant for D to pass her something (D was in his Hong Kong office today after having spent almost a week in Shanghai, and he leaves tomorrow).

Whenever I called Celeste's mobile, I would get a message prompting me for a password, and I had to ask Seabloke what on earth that was (a password to filter callers - she totally surpasses me!). And I did not hear from her via FB either. 

Sea thinks Celeste's merely hiding away on her birthday - something I myself do every year on my birthday.

I say it's KARMA.

But on second thought, Celeste calls me by my name, and I have never cried/ blackmailed her emotionally, so how does this whole "mum phobia" thing even apply to her? 

Sea only caught the part where I said Celeste calls me by my name... 

Well, Sea, I didn't raise her, remember? And I love it that she calls me "Ju".

CHARTS (May 24 & 25)

6J (May 24)
6J (May 25 - open position)

Holding my 6J short.

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