Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Wanna be a Cat

I spent the entire day reading up on the history and politics of Burma, only to receive D's call at around 7pm local time asking if I knew about the resignation of 3 more of our ministers (one of them my favorite - the party's "whip" and someone I served 10 years ago). 

Right after I hang up, I went to an FB page I hate the most these days, knowing I'd find everything I needed there. While just a half hour ago I was 1) listening to an interview of Aung San Suu Kyi on you-tube and 2) reading a report on Ne Win simultaneously, I am now also going over the last of 200 over comments on the list of our newly appointed ministers while attempting to continue to do 1) and 2). 

I conclude that I am satisfied that human nature is inextricably complicated, politics is extremely dirty business, and that nothing has ever been, or ever will be, what it seems. 

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seabloke said...

The only thing about burma i know now is there's so much dynamite fishing going on that diving is practically impossible.

The only thing i wanna know about our government now is who can help me solve cat pee & poop problems at my flat!

Can a bitch and a cat be siblings??

Jules said...

Why not, if our cat was nanny to Rat, Rodent and Mouse??

How long have you been back from watching volcanic eruption underwater? 2 weeks now?? Stop thinking about diving!! Now go clean up your common area. :P