Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hi, Soulfire :-)
Can't seem to reply under comments, so I'm posting my reply here (actually, besides your comment, and LW's, my own comment was removed. Ha. But Blogger's pretty decent so far - and it's free - so, not complaining :-))

Bay Watch? LOL! Nah, it's a modelling agency. Their clients include both the public and private sectors. For the castings I've gone for, the clients were car makers, our air force, insurance companies, watch makers, etc. All lead roles, and really meant for much younger models I think. Anyways, I don't like cameras, and cameras don't like me - in a nutshell, it was a classic case of job mismatch. :-)

I still can't access your xanga page! Will email you capture of error message.

I didn't notice that!! Oh, you know what, I finally figured out why you sent that email yesterday. It hit me that it was THE day! I was looking at a huge calendar on my desktop the whole day and it never occurred to me once...but then I dreamed of the 'characters' last night, and woke up realizing that THAT was what it was all about! Our subconscious is amazingly powerful isn't it?  
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Times of Your Life said...

>.< I will keep myself anonymous and not commenting too much hahahahahaha

Soullfire said...

That's so strange you can no longe access my site...the network gremlins are not playing fair!! Yeah - email me what the error says- I may be able to figure it out...

I haven't seen any bad pics of you, so that tends to discredit your assertion that the camera and you don't get along. ;-)

Jules said...

:-) ok, definitely not feeling so gloomy now!

we all know who you are! ;-)