Monday, May 16, 2011

Lo Que Sea Será

So I've been looking at what I've been doing since 2010, and the list looks like this:
  • Knocking on Police's door
  • Rushing from one casting to another until I stopped taking calls from my agency (they picked me from the streets when I was out to get a book on TA) because I hated having others meddle with my hair and my face
  • Attending interviews at Police for the umpteenth time in 3 years (didn't get the job again, still didn't know why)
  • Heading the corporate communications department at our Subordinate Courts and overseeing matters relating to organizational development
  • Trading for a proprietary trading firm
  • Knocking on Police's door
  • NEARLY went to Kabul to take up the role of org development adviser to the ANP (I have no idea how high up my resume went but The Lonely Trader (he commands a troop there I think) did put in a lot of good words for me)
  • Attending interviews at Police (didn't get the job, found out from my ex-bosses this time that manpower department had rejected my application after they learned about my reputation for 1) not working for money (??!!) and 2) being extremely difficult to manage (???!!!!!) during my 7-year stint there
  • Going to school
  • Preparing for course examinations
  • Knocking on Police's door (a very kind ex colleague who knew the whole background and my history with the manpower department was willing to help...but I'm not keeping my hopes up)

I asked D last night if I'll ever find my purpose in life.

"Probably not anytime soon."

How very comforting!

Yes, it's the time of the month/ year (1 month away from my 39th birthday).

Comments open. All Nicole Seah lovers are welcome to drop hateful messages (which will likely end up in my trash bin by the end of the day anyways). 

I am currently re-reading "Cracking the Intuition Code" (which I read from cover to cover like a decade ago??).

And, I had my waist-length locks chopped off:

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Soullfire said...

(Taps mike...) Is this thing on??...=)

You've certainly do get around and had an active 2010. :) So you were "discovered" while looking for a TA book? Were they casting the Singapore version of watch? ;-)
What type of roles were the other casting calls for?

Hopefully this time Blogger will not crash and erase my comments like it did a few days back..grrrr!

seabloke said...

i love hearing myself here!!