Sunday, May 22, 2011

Prison Break Season 5...I WISH

I confess. I cried. Right at the end of Season 4 (finale)'s last episode when it dawned on me that Went's character was DEAD. I burst into tears and couldn't stop for a good half hour. D was caught off-guard. I've never ever reacted to the fate of a fictitious character that way in the so many years he knew me. In fact, I am known to be unable to cry over anything sad, and I most definitely don't cry (ok, maybe I do tear up a little whenever I see little children cry, but never for an adult, and I absolutely do not WAIL) over sad movies/ tv shows. 

D did his best to comfort me - strangely, without once reminding me it was just a tv show. 

I guess D knew exactly what it was about Michael Scofield's death that ate me. And I adore him for saying that he was going to write to FOX demanding they give at least 10 good reasons for killing Michael Scofield. 

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