Friday, May 20, 2011

Trades 5/17, LKY, Nicole Seah, Lonely, Solfest & WHAT IF

Insightful piece, albeit without a clear stance. I feel terribly sad for the man (not that I think he's feeling sad himself...anyways, it's complicated..). I'm beginning to wonder, have our people any idea what kind of values they are imparting to their children?

Still checking out Nicole Seah's page to see what the ambitious young lady's been up to. I should really stop before I puke blood and foam from my mouth.

Still staying away from oil for now (click on charts to enlarge):
May 16th
May 17th

And that's all the trading I'm doing for the week. D's leaving for Shanghai, so I'll have most of next week all by myself. I was telling D that since he's flying most of the time, we should consider moving to Spain, coz that's where I really want to be (for now).

It's been a while, Lonely and Solfest. You've been sorely missed...

What if

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Anonymous said...

why so gloomy, punkin?

Jules said...

Someone says today's the end of the world...

And I haven't been to vegas.


Jules said...

Lonely, ARE YOU THERE???

It's May 22 here. PHEW.

And I found Wentworth Miller:

Just look at those eyelashes (D insists his is longer, and bushier. Whatever. I hate guys with long eyelashes)!!!

Anonymous said... want me to check out other guys on the internet -- actors no less -- and talk about eyelashes...okay...