Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Awingly romantic piece (English subtitled) on time travel via an old piano. Written and directed by Jay Chou (the male lead), who also composed the movie's soundtracks.

The entire movie (the famous piano duel on Chopin's Waltz (Op.64 No.2 C# minor) and Black Key Etude (Op.10 No.5) is found in Episode 2 (2:22 to 7:50)) is featured below the 2 soundtracks. Click on "Dailymotion" or the links in blue to access each episode directly.

冷咖啡離開了杯墊 我忍住的情緒在很後面
拼命想挽回的從前 在我臉上依舊清晰可見
最美的不是下雨天 是曾與你躲過雨的屋簷
回憶的畫面 在盪著鞦韆 夢開始不甜
你說把愛漸漸放下會走更遠 又何必去改變 已錯過的時間
你用你的指尖阻止我說再見 想像你在身邊 在完全失去之前
你說把愛漸漸放下會走更遠 或許命運的籤 只讓我們遇見
只讓我們相戀這一季的秋天 飄落後才發現 這幸福的碎片

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