Monday, June 06, 2011

Nothing Begins, and Nothing Ends...

"She made a lot of changes on me, but she decided to give up and tried something else. Her dream is to travel around the world and I am sure very soon I can take her to travel around the world, but she changed her mind."

"I guess this is love because there are things that I can't explain, and most importantly I took way too long to make the changes, almost 3 years. Her decision is correct because there are a lot of better man out there in this world."

"I still want to finish her dreams that she always wants by myself. If she changed her mind, I will be here waiting for her, and we can finish the dream together, and that time I will have a good house and enough money for her to do shopping."

"I always in a rush because I want to make money very fast. I lost a lot of sleep because I study charts and charts and charts at night. However, I only have one reason, I want to buy a house and I want to married her, and I want to achieve her dreams. Buy a boat, buy a house near the sea and buy some time..." 

From a blog that never had comments activated.

It's probably coz I've read it early in the morning; or that it's been pouring where I'm living; or that the author is at the age where lots are expected of him - a phase that Dad went through  himself and didn't quite pull through...I'm feeling a tinge of sadness and anger. 

I have a lot that I wanna say, and I will, very likely to Al. 

To my dear friend, I just wish to send my love and my best wishes.

Someone better will come along. Someone who will stand by you through thick and thin.

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sage08 said...

hi Jules. How touching!! Can you save us the trouble from having to go through all your blogroll and give us a link? Lol..

Times of Your Life said...

hahahahah i will be a better man

Thanks Jules for the wishes

ah...i guess this is what make our life interesting and have lots of great memories....

Jules said...

How have you been keeping?