Sunday, June 19, 2011

Place of Refuge

We went house hunting today and viewed these units that have been put up for sale:

The 3rd on the list turned out to be my favorite, as D had expected. Our highest security prison is right across the street - makes the estate an absolutely safe place to live in (I MUST have a patio this time, which leaves me with no choice but to take a ground floor, and we know how easy it is to break into a unit at ground level...anyway, D is already suggesting revisiting season 1 of  "Prison Break"...makes choice #3 all the more attractive...hur...hur...). That it's totally family unfriendly (I hate barbeque sundays and seeing/hearing happy people do happy things) is simply heavenly for me.

Sorry, Sea, that you have to read this along with 5 million others. I find texting on iphone a chore still (I miss my old phone!!!). If BIL can find me units with patio for viewing next week, I promise you'll be the first to get all the juicy news. By the way, the gas station adjacent to the estate sells high-end junk food that you can't find anywhere else on the island. And we found our favorite ginger-ale ;-)

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Trading Arcade said...

Welcome to Changi, Jules. Good choice. I'm living at an estate next to Ballota. Easy access to idyllic Changi village and airport. Also a row of 'traditional' shops and coffeeshop at Changi Gardens next to Ballota.

Jules said...



Edelweiss? :-)

Yes, I love those traditional coffee shops! And yes, we want to be near the airport since D travels so very often.

The proximity of the airport and prison is likely to keep buildings very low and the population sparse...i think/hope. Yes? :-)

Trading Arcade said...


me at Mariam estate. Love the tranquil and nostalgic feel of this place. Don't think there will be developments which will spoil the tranquility of this area since its already occupied by existing private housing estates, condominiums and the neighboring Changi industrial parks. Only know of 1 new condo project at the other end of the cluster of condominiums where Ballota Park is situated. Think you will enjoy the morning and evening stroll through the estates as well :) I personally like the smell of the frangipani near one of the houses, especially after raining.

Jules said...

Yes, TA, I love that smell!!! And the estate is so quiet it makes me feel guilty about wanting to move there(I am supposed to move to a place where I can learn to get used to hearing children play/scream, cars screech and honk, mothers scream, neighbors gossip and play mahjong, etc, etc)!

The new condo coming up is Hedges Park. I am really keen but TOP is 2015... I actually walked around Mariam estate that day and noticed the very nice cars :-)

Times of Your Life said...

hahahhaah very nice houses
they all look pretty good