Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bless the Lord O my Soul

Turned out that fresh air was indeed bad for me. After I decided to get out at least once a day everyday for a week, I fell violently ill. Then D tried to finish me off by overdosing me AGAIN yesterday. I went into panic attacks after panic attacks, threw up, broke into cold sweats, etc, etc, but the good that came out of the whole episode was that I couldn't  stand the sight of cigarettes and have been smoke free for 3 days now.

I attempted to sim trade to distract me from whatever was happening to my body. I kept telling myself that I had been through far worse and that I wasn't going to die from what appeared to be just a fever/cold/REALLY BAD FLU. I gathered it wasn't pneumonia coz I had stopped coughing, and I didn't get feverish until the late evening. What really depressed me was the throwing up, and the constant sensation that my skin was being burnt. 

Coincidentally, a friend of mine had a case of Dengue and was admitted to emergency yesterday. The wife was devastated and wrote to tell us he was very low in spirit. Having been isolated for months with atypical pneumonia before, I totally understood the physical discomfort he was going through. Unlike him though, I was then extremely happy to be left TOTALLY alone. It was heaven on earth for me.

I struggled to get a note out to him. I had every intention to tell him that what had kept me feeling upbeat then was that I knew the worst that could happen was that I would go home to my Father. Then as I would for every note that I send out, I held it for 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes I tried to put myself in his shoes, based on what I knew about him, and imagined what his reaction to the note would be. 

The note that I eventually sent out read: Are you feeling better? Would you like us to visit or do you prefer to rest? 

And he was well enough to send this: Thanks for the thoughtfulness. Prayer helps and works!

We have a buyer for our home and a viewing has been arranged for this weekend. D says I have to get well coz he can't do this all by himself. 

Sim trades from yesterday (live trading to commence Sept as planned):

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seabloke said...

Not much you need to do as seller. Just don't use "KNN". And don't smoke in the house.
And oh, refrain from looking repulsive.

Jules said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SEA ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAK!! MUAK!!! MUAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I ever learn to spew KNN (or the more advanced KNN CCB)as effortlessly as that SOB did, you know to get an exorcist PRONTO.

seabloke said...

this must be the weirdest blog i've seen.. Where's the part about ALL my wishes coming true? HUH? WHERE?!

Jules said... forgot the part about me having Gremlins the whole time that you're going to be underwater looking for your wishes?


Jules said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got your text, SEA!