Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life's a Dance

Flyer distribution has been tremendously fun. The walking down each level; squatting to slot flyers into homes; jumping up all freaked out when dogs start barking from inside (that's why I prefer cats - they simply push the flyers back out); jumping up all freaked out when the door opens and a man stands staring, semi-naked; getting lost when I get to the 20th floor and the landscape suddenly changes and realizing by the time I've walked the entire level that I've managed to clear 50 units - prove to be extremely good for the heart. At rest, my heart beats 90 times per minute; after slotting 200 hundred flyers into homes, 120 times.

In the whole nearly 40 years of my life, I've never done manual work like that (not counting the 5 times that I mopped the floor). Had I known how much fun this is compared to kick-boxing and running on treadmill, I would have sent in an application to do farming for agents...

I absolutely think that property agents should distribute their own flyers because the benefits of doing so are plenty:

1) I see with my own eyes the homes that clearly don't want anything going in - tell tale signs are wet clothes between the gate and the wooden door, curbs on doorsteps, doors with not a nano-inch of opening underneath, DOGS, etc - I don't like to force people to take what they don't want.

2) I see with my own eyes the homes I won't want to sell - tell tale signs are plenty, but I shan't bore anyone with the details

3) I hear with my own ears the occupants I won't want to deal with (for this you MUST go during the time of the day that they are home of course)

4) I smell the homes I won't want to sell

5) I get to talk to occupants who happen to be stepping out, and they get to see how very friendly, diligent, ADORABLE and absolutely harmless I am (might not work for you if you happen to have thick eyebrows like D)

6) I get first hand info and knowledge on the unique selling points of units on each level

7) I might just lose the 5kgs of fats I don't want at the end of the campaign

I have to ask myself at this juncture: what have I gotten myself into???

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Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Glad you are having fun in your new endeavour!

Let me know if you see semi-naked ladies opening the door.

If yes, I would offer my flyer distribution services to other agents out there when I return to Singapore end of this year.

I need to lose the 5 kg of fat around my tummy too. Unlike you who still look like in your early twenties, I need to lose the fat to fit into my new tight tight "lao hero" orbid wardrobe.

Yup, going through my mid-life crisis phase.


Jules said...

Semi-naked ladies are banned here, SMOL. Don't you remember? :-)

You're coming home? WHY?! It's getting very, very crowded and suffocating here. Everyone's unhappy (yes, that includes me. Ha), and everyone is complaining, and no one knows exactly why.

Drop me a note when you're back, and we can have coffee. :-)

cory said...

remind me of my phone book delivery day, back then each phone book was about the size of three bricks. And I had to deliver 2 books, white page and yellow page to each address. The routine was drive my car up to mother truck, load as many books as possible into my car, grab a delivery list, drive to those address and try to deliver all those books as fast as I can. The catch was most building had no elevators and it was winter time snowy and slippery sidewalks. Balancing 10 books and made it to a door was a feast in itself.

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Compared to Athens now, Singapore can't be that bad!

OK, perhaps taking the crowded MRT trains in Singapore I must now suck in my tummy - to avoid being accused of "brushing up" against the ladies... after reading the proposal to have ladies only MRT trains!?

Tip 1: Try talking to yourself - the crowd will move away.

Tip 2: Go easy on the deodorant to avoid suffocating oneself.

Tip 3: Just say: "Ya lor, ya lor" when people complain.

Tip 4: Try chocolate! It always make me happy!!! Mmmmm... (Oh! That's the source of my tummy! Bad advice!)

Sure thing about dropping you a note! But going by your track record in reading emails, excuse me if I I don't hold my breath for your response.