Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Short Tangent

This is my new home:
Some of the books I couldn't bring to the new home (I HATE D):

The only books I get to keep (still hate D):

Life has been...DIFFERENT. I drove myself around a lot again, like I did when I first arrived in Edmonton at 16. I communicated with more people in 3 weeks than I did in a decade. I found a mentor who allowed me to tag along on her viewings and negotiations, and helped to take care of her listings while she was away. I learned in mere weeks what it usually takes a rookie years to learn. When I spoke with a seasoned agent yesterday, she was shocked to learn that this was officially my 2nd month into the job. What I'm still not good at doing is acting my age. I constantly get asked if I am living with my parents.

I really miss my charts. Life in front of my screen had been simple. And I like simple.

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Anonymous said...

It is weird that, even though you have been very open/honest on this blog, that it feels 'wrong' to look at someone's bookshelf like this. Books (for me at least) seem like a very personal thing that reveal a lot about a person.

Less seriously... "Eat, Pray, Love.", anyone who owns this book is immediately taken off my Christmas card list, :-)

Jules said...

LW!!! :-)

What's there to hide? Isn't it obvious by now that I am totally the kind that reads "Betting on Blackjack" to learn about PROBABILITY distribution?? :-P

Re "Eat, Pray, Love" - totally understand why guys hate the book. ;-)

D is more disturbed by "Why Men Marry BITCHES", and that it is coming with us to our new place. HA HA HA!!

Jules said...

On a serious note, the pictures were meant to be posted on my Facebook account to appeal for kindhearted souls to adopt my babies (explains the clarity of the pictures!!)... Reality set in soon after, and 8 huge boxes went to our Karung Guni (

Still in mourning!!!!

seabloke said...

some books are mine!!

Jules said...

Almost all of yours are staying, Sea. STOP STRESSING ME NOW!!!!!

seabloke said...

stress is when i ask you if you've given my thermos to mr guni

Jules said...

No, Sea, I did not give the karang guni your thermos.

seabloke said...

cos you know mr guni won't give it back to you with soup!!