Monday, October 10, 2011

Hearing Impairment, AGING, and Childhood Home

Woke up with ringing in my left right ear in the wee hours and just couldn't go back to sleep. I've had tinnitus from time to time in the past 20 years but never had this feeling of dread before. Grabbed my pillow and went to my comfort corner and tried to fall asleep on the settee. I had to be up to make breakfast for D and finish designing my flyers. I tossed and turned, and sat up every other minute to tilt my head and each time the ringing got louder and more piercing and the pressure in my left right ear was building up so badly I wanted to scream.

I sprained the left right side of my neck (yes, I am very accident prone) after D returned from his business trip, and after the swell in my sprained LEFT RIGHT ankle has started to subside. Couldn't turn my neck for days, and after a series of self-medication, I started to feel some swelling. Great, INFLAMMATION. And I thought the only person who could get an inflamed neck is D. I had no time to deal with my neck, and since self-medication didn't help, I decided to let nature take its course. Bad idea. Whatever it was that was attacking my neck is now in my ear.

Then it hit me. That I was going to lose my hearing because I am now OLD. For the first time, I truly felt 40.

Then I tried to talk myself into entertaining some other possible/better explanations for my hearing impairment. I surmised that after having stayed on very high floor (near to 30th) for so long, and after not having visited Granny's home (at below ground/sea level??) since she passed, it was probably the visit to the house yesterday that had caused pressure to build (but why the LEFT RIGHT ear???).

My Aunt (to whom I owe my education, my first home, and my marriage - in that sequence) had tried to get me to visit her at Sentosa the day that Daniel touched down, and then again yesterday, and I had to turn her down the first time coz I sprained my ankle and couldn't really drive around (I was darn sure I would lose my way), and I didn't want to tell her I sprained that same spot AGAIN after some 10 years (she gave her precious bottle of wine to the sinseh who got my ankle fixed...or was it the doctor who gave me a cast? Nevermind....). I had to say no again yesterday coz I had a few listings to attend to (definitely aiming to close at least 1 by next Sunday; 2 will make me a very happy woman for at least a week).

I convinced D to give up his trip to get MY upgraded PC to drop by my Aunt's instead, coz she was going to fly early today, and I had felt bad about not having called since she got home a month ago. Aunt asked how trading was coming along for me, then told me she had bought a stock at market peak and asked what was a good next step. I suggested doing the usual: HOLD, and D chuckled. Then we talked about the house, and it was then that I felt how empty the house was without the rest of the family there. Aunt complained about the electricity bill, and of course we went along with it...

Memories of those days when my cousin would chase me down that long hallway (before they built the current 2-storey white castle, it was a 1-storey ULTRA long home and you would never guess it existed when you drive along Ulu Pandan because the house is nested in a valley between 2 Good Class Bungalow lots. At one point, I think the Swiss ambassador was their neighbor (not next door, but near enough) after I had done something really bad to him while his siblings and mine (there were just my Dad and my Aunt and their kids) cheered on came flooding back.

30 years have gone by. Pretty darn scary.

Anyway, it's probably a good idea to sell the house, although it's terribly upsetting to see it go. It's just not nice and not funny anymore to hear echoes when you talk (makes me wonder how all the rich and famous could live in a mansion all by themselves (fine, with their servants, gardeners and bodyguards)...). 

My brother-in-law is helping Aunt with the sale of her home. If you have the experience and expertise in selling Good Class Bungalows, or know anyone who is an expert, I will really appreciate it if you would drop me an email. I will link you up with my brother-in-law.

I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the interior of the home yesterday coz my equipment was at home (I have a decent digital cam and until I've attended the workshop on taking good listing photos I'll probably not be investing in an upgrade...if only I can get my hand on D's antique...), but there's a picture of the exterior on Property Guru, along with a brief description of the house:
The house sits on a 21,143 sqft land. If I remember correctly, the last valuation was around 40 Mil (approx USD 31 Mil). So if you know anyone who is interested, or if you know anyone who knows anyone who is interested, this is a jolly good deal for yourself.

I am currently working on a project that I love a great deal, and it's likely to be my main focus for the next 3 years at least. But more on that later. I have a separate blog on property investment/ living in Singapore/living a stone's throw away from the busy business district (ok, I really haven't decided on what I want to talk feels like Jan 2008 ALL OVER AGAIN) that I'm not motivated to publish YET.  D, I want my juzjules domain name!!!

Yes, SEA, ear's still ringing, and neck's still inflamed, but I will visit (knowing that I might not get to hear you nag ever again kinda makes it easier to drop by. LOL!!!)...yes, with your beloved thermos. :-P

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