Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Sim Trade 10/5 (Wed) & Stressed D

Collecting keys to our new home in less than a week. D is starting to get a little impatient with our lawyer, and almost everyone else... I can't understand why a happy event like moving a new home (that he loves) can stress a person so badly. But then again, maybe it's just me. 


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Anonymous said...

Technically correct, raises the question why are you on SIM?

DT233 said...

I will be wiring my entire life savings your way. Please treat it as though it's simply SIM money.


Jules said...

:-) Sandy. I don't have a simple answer to that question. Will write about it once I'm settled at my new job and my new home. I see you've been making a killing in the market. Very nice work! :-)

Jules said...

DT!!! :-) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? Are you and LW the same person?? :-)

Anonymous said...

Best of luck, as Steve Jobs said, do the things you love, that's the journey.
Thank you, I have been lucky, I have much bigger goals in place, this is the beginning :)

Jules said...

:-) Getting to do what I love has never really made me a happy person, Sandy. I'll try loving what I have to do, for once, and see how that turns out.

I wish you best of luck too! :-)

DT233 said...

"A spot of tea" is not in my vocabulary.

Btw, I'm still at it.


Anonymous said...

The only thing DT "is still at" is the back 9 ;-)

Now you can all learn to speak properly... (mouse-over the word).

DT233 said...

I didn't see "American" under those language option.

And what's with the funny accent?


Jules said...

The English and the American are at it again.

And as usual, I AM LOVING IT. :-)

Now we'll just have to wait for Solfest.