Monday, November 07, 2011

Still in Jumbles

Packing to move out of my current home, supposedly to the new one. Hand over is in 3 days. I'm feeling strangely SAD. Maybe it's coz it's going to be Christmas again. After years of soul-searching, I still haven't quite found out why I hate Christmas. 

I won't be moving into my new home just yet as it's still a war zone totally unfit for human living. Everything that needs to be hacked is gone, and the process of putting in what I want in has only just begun. Shopping for furniture commenced yesterday. D got me a Borsch-everything kitchen - fridge, oven, steamer, induction stove, washer/dryer and a HEAVY-DUTY hood - I have no idea what I am going to do with them, but I love it that they all come in BLACK. To thank D for the wonderful gift, I helped him bargain price down to 80% of what was initially charged, simply by threatening to walk out of the store (it helped that I really wasn't the least interested in kitchen appliances) when they refused to give a bulk discount.

My interior designer had planned for the floor to be white, sofas to be black, island kitchen to be white, built in appliances to be white/silver, carpets to be beige. I have managed to turn everything the other way - floor's now black, sofa's snow white, island kitchen's black, appliances are black, carpet will look more like pebble than carpet. And this is going to be above the dinning table instead of a chandelier. D's totally taken aback, and can only imagine how our new nest is going to turn out...

I did some drastic changes to the design of D's mum's room, and everyone likes it. They just couldn't understand my last minute involvement in the project. D has been breathing down my neck for neglecting my very important role of managing just this one significant project in my entire year. And I am too frustrated to explain to him that making money has always been more important to me than spending it. Or maybe I really couldn't be bothered coz I really haven't been able to show any result for whatever money-making efforts I've put in. Maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe my moral fiber just isn't flexible enough YET to compete in the industry, or maybe I'm simply clueless as to what it takes to be a money-making machine....

All said, I'm staying put this time. It's going to be a busy year for me next year as I will be working with 2 different partners on various projects. They have both been great mentors, and I believe things will eventually work out for all of us especially after I have settled down at my new home. I do love what I do very much. I just need to learn to not get affected by those who don't respect themselves and their profession and are only here to make quick bucks... Once I can convince myself to feel good about the industry and about what I have to offer, I WILL find my way to make a decent living. I am not here for the recognition, awards and accolades - I just want to be darn good at what I do, and earn my keep. Then I want to retire in Canada or the States in 10 years, and trade crude oil full time. 

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Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Hey Jules!

For the longest time, I was puzzled what you like crude oil futures so much - when there are so many other trading vehicles...

Hmm... I think I've got it! You just like the colour BLACK!

You want to play with the tar sands at Alberta, Canada? Or maybe you are more into Houston, Texas? You can slang in the southern drawl with the cowboys and oil riggers!

Jules said...

:-) SMOL, I like oil because it is non-complicated and as far as charts are concerned, nothing else really affects it other than inventory data.

Tar sands?? Nah, I'm happy with electronic futures :-)

Back in Sing yet?