Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I've not quite settled down. New home is almost done up, so I guess it's really just the heart that's still floundering. I look back at year 2011, and can only boast of one miserable achievement: making half a million off a property purchased in 2008.

I have taken a really long break from trading, blogging, and just about everything else since August to do some  deep soul-searching. It's unfortunate that I'm still as confused as ever as to what my purpose in life really is. I've had many long conversations with D, whose patience and wisdom I have come to appreciate. To my question of why nothing seems to motivate me to make money anymore, D's reply is that it is because what I want is what I can never buy with money, and all the things that I want in life that can be bought, I have long been able to afford them.

2 weeks before Christmas, I startled D by announcing my intention to have a baby boy. 

It took D 2 weeks to talk me out of my crazy idea by reminding me that if I were to go ahead with my plan:

1) I will not get to do a workout (which I have been doing a fair bit lately) for a very long time
2) I will not get to trade for a very long time
3) I will not get to work for a very long time (I will never let someone else look after my child)
4) I will not get my "alone time" (minimum of 6 hours per day, and a stretch of 30 days every quarterly) for possibly the next 16 years
5) there's a 50% chance it could be a baby GIRL

So there goes my only big plan for 2012. 

My real estate career has been at a total halt, which is what depresses me the most these days. I just can't seem to be able to figure out which side of me to show the world to make it in the industry. I almost have no issue with door knocking and cold calling and handing out flyers to angry looking home owners - I simply haven't figured out how I should go about presenting myself to convince people who don't know me to want to sell and buy through me. In fact, I still haven't quite figured out if in Singapore, it is really the agent that matters.

All said, I have had a good year, and as always, it has been a better year than the previous'. I continue to count my blessings, among which there is nothing more precious than the wonderful people I have met via this blog. I thank all who have dropped comments, written emails, sent e-cards, and left facebook messages since late November, and promise that I will make replying you my priority once I get back to my pre-August momentum.

I hope to resume live trading in Jan 2012.

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Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Welcome back Jules!

No, I am not going to wish you Merry Christmas or Happy New Year.

I very jealous of your blessings! You already have what money can't buy - just tie a ribbon on D's head and wah lah!

(Just make sure he's dressed. Ribbons only in the buff a bit kinky. What will the neighbours say?)

I see trading is in your blood. May I suggest you take 2% of your "miserable" property profit and trade the fxxxing hell in the crude futures!

Let the roar of Jules be heard in 2012!

OK, I thirsty now.

Soullfire said...

It's good to see some updates! =) I have a theory about your job trials, but I'll have to write more later. ;-)

Here's to an exciting and prosperous 2012!


You're on the short list of realtors if I ever put my home up for sale with such an impressive return like that. ;-)

DT233 said...

Happy New Year Jules!

sage08 said...

I disagree! Babies, once you have them are worth the inconvenience. They are, as Citibank puts it.. priceless! Btw, Happy New Year Jules and see you at OpenTrader.com.

Day Trading Fool said...

Cheers jules! Wishing you the best this year! Take care of yourself.