Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CL Trade 3/27 (Tues)

5min HHLL
5min EMA

All the dust has settled for now, and I am savoring the quiet. This is the deepest cave I've dug, and I feel immensely peaceful and calm here. I do not care that not everyone is supportive of my finally coming to terms with my aspie condition .

For my livelihood, I have quit everything else to focus on just one thing that I truly love doing. In time, I hope to accumulate enough to sponsor and organize trips to build schools and wells. I think I should find my happiness then.

Ali is growing and learning tremendously fast. It's a joy to have her, as she is everything that I am not.

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Solfest said...

Very nice.

Times of Your Life said...

hahahahah nice to see some tradings again and how well Ali is doing

Jules said...

:-) Solfest. I think you'll be happy to hear this: I'm dropping discretionary trading. So I'll likely be doing nothing most days, and we can chat?? ;-)

Jules said...

TYL :-)

HOW ARE YOU? Yep, trading is nice. But these days, I find not trading to be very nice too...Oh, Ali is hyperactive and super naughty! :-)

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Glad you have found your inner peace and knowing what makes you happy. Go for it girl!

Best wishes as always :)

I stole and consumed the below phrase at a time when I was trying too hard to please everyone:

Those that matter; don't mind.

Those that mind; don't matter.

Now I love me and myself the most!

I've found myself again.

Jules said...

SMOL :-)

Happy for you that you stop trying to please everyone. I suppose you initially made an effort to because of your job?

Are you an ESFP by any chance?

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...


Close. I am a ISFP who can put on a great ESFP act!

At work, I wear my Mr Personality mask, and enjoys being the centre of attention. I am the self-appointed cheerleader.

But after work, I head straight home to my sanctuary. I smiled when you wrote about cave. Mine's a den ;)

Colleagues are surprised why I don't like to join them in their after work outings.

I'm one of those few who dare to skip company annual dinners despite "warnings". So many "actors" there. They won't miss me!

Jules said...

:-) SMOL. You're the "Artist"! I should have guessed. You acquired the "E", and we were all fooled. :-)