Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trade 9/10 (Monday)

I am so sorry to all who have left comments and were unable to see them immediately - I had set comments to be moderated after a new post has been published for a certain number of days, and was unaware that Blogger no longer send notifications about comments pending moderation (I hardly check in unless I am putting up new posts hence the reliance on Blogger's notification)...anyway, I have responded to your comments in the respective posts.

My brother flew in for a short stay, as he had promised he would, and left last week. He brought home with him fond memories of having watched bats pee and wolves howl under a bright full moon at our Night Safari, and of having tasted the best (he's somewhat of a food connoisseur) French Vanilla ice-cream he had ever had at one of my haunts - The Cookie Museum

Renovation for my new home started a week ago  - we are tearing down everything AGAIN, and rebuilding.

Mama (D's Mum) is coping well in hot and humid Singapore, as she stays in most of the time. I am not coping so well though. It does take a little getting used to to have to say something every other minute, and eat every 4 to 6 hours.

Trading resumes today, but will remain sporadic through the rest of the year, and for as long as D insists that I focus on getting the new home ready, keeping Mama company, doing something about my deteriorating vision, and practising yoga.

CL Trade 9/10

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