Friday, September 21, 2012

Trades 9/19 & 9/20 (Wed & Thurs)

A war relic (from WWII when the island was captured by the Japanese army) was dug up yesterday from the forest just minutes' walk away from where I lived, and 4 officers came knocking to inform that I should stay away from my balcony until I hear from them again. Interestingly, just an hour before that, I had received news from our agent that the Japanese couple who had wanted to rent our current home had asked for the third time to view our home (I had turned them down initially because they needed to move in in Sept, and I couldn't let them. Then they asked about October, but it still didn't work for us. Finally, they agreed to November and were willing to make other living arrangements meanwhile).

D was amused when I told him about the 2 incidents. He couldn't wait to see the couple today. They turned out to be a pair of lovely and dashing looking couple. Because they were so nice, we gave them the discount they asked for, and our home is officially rented. 

We brought Keisha's ash home today. Al is still sticking by the main entrance day and night, and we are finding ways to tell him that Keish is back. 

5am post from Sept 18th
For D's sake, I have removed the post. Thank you, TST, Soulfire and Cory, for your notes. 

Trades 9/19 - 9/20
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My Shorthairs
Ali & Cass
Al & Ali

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Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

Lovely cats!

Because of you, I am now noticing the stray cats around my HDB block.

I meow meow them; they meow meow back. Cool!

I have to be sensitive too. These "strays" are fed by different HDB cat lovers at different times of the day.

Animals are natural. Humans are complicated ;)

On that note, I am very proud of what you have just did. I am happy for D.

But mostly for you :)


Jules said...

SMOL :-)

Yes, my cats have always been the best thing in my life.

After a decade of feed strays, I stopped having them to feed after we moved. In the 4 years that I've not interacted with strays, it started to dawn on me that strays are better off not being fed by us or become friends with us. We can bring them home and look after them for as long as they live, but if we can't do that for any reason, we really should just leave them alone.

As for D - I'm sure his mum is proud of him.