Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trades 9/18 (Tues) and Cassandra (Updated)

6A 5min
ZS 5min

Cassandra is no lap sitter. And definitely not a conversationalist. Apart from that, she is every bit like Keish. She follows me around, looks me in the eye, licks my face, my hands...basically, everywhere else of me that she can reach.

Alessandra is extremely jealous of her little sister, while Alberto is not the least bothered.  Cass kicks a paper ball like a pro and I'm hoping that Ali will come to appreciate her as her perfect companion. For now, Ali misses Keish terribly and has been crying whenever Cass gets anywhere near Keish's favorite corners. 

6-month-old Cassandra

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Anonymous said...

You are back :-)

I worked backwards in time so firstly enjoyed the fresh chart-porn and only later learnt about your sad news. Even as a dog-person I can empathise, any people who use the phrase "just an animal" should be shot. That may be a bit extreme, perhaps not in Singapore.


Jules said...

:-) LW.

Just a day ago, D told me he was starting to be able to accept people who see cats as merely cats. And I am starting to think we are not so compatible anymore.

We don't shoot people who are not cat friendly. They make up at least 70% of the population here :-)

I am still missing your musings by the way.