Monday, October 08, 2012

Trades 10/2 - 10/8 & Cassandra

Packing has started, and if everything goes as planned, I'll be trading from my new home by early November.

Cassandra sleeps with me every night, and purrs and kneads exactly like Keisha. She hangs out at Keisha's favorite corners, and loves sitting on my lap. Very uncharacteristic of British Shorthair, and every bit like Keish. She was originally named "Nellie", after Keish's vet who saw Keish for 14 years, since she turned 4 months old. Dr Nellinathan made attempts after attempts to resuscitate Keish, and I know she was heart-broken too. Anyway, Cassandra wouldn't answer to the name we first gave her, but would respond readily to the consonants "K" and "S". I decided to call her "Cassandra". She answers to the new name and comes to me every time I call her.

The move to the new place has to be done on 2 separate days, and the big move is going to be on the last week of October. I won't stop trading in the meantime. But packing does take me away from the screen, and because I prefer to stare at my trades, it's likely I'll be taking smaller profits and getting out of bad trades faster. The last week of October will be reserved for moving and unpacking. 

Trades 10/2 to 10/8

ZS 5min
CL 5min

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