Friday, November 02, 2012

regrets, regrets, regrets

We've moved to our new home, and I'm still unpacking. I've returned to the old place every other day to get it ready for our new tenants, and each visit brings back memories of Keisha. Our new place is beautiful, and I am grateful to D for all his efforts to make me happy. 

I wish I could put Keish behind and get on with life, but it's hard to move on. Keish didn't have to die - if only I had loved her half as much as I love Alberto, she would have been saved in time.

I don't know how long I want to continue to just do nothing but sleep. Anyway, it's not like I have a choice. I can barely keep my eyes open these days.
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Attitude Trader said...


Not giving any advice, just wanting you to know that you have a lot of people here who care about you and support you.

Wishing you only the best.


Anonymous said...

@ AT

second that!

Singapore Man Of Leisure said...

We have never met. We have never talked.

But we all stand by you.

cory said...

One of my favorite show is Long Island Medium and in one of recent show she channeled a cat spirit, the cat just wanted its owner know it want to 'pass over' at home and it's ok on 'the other side'. In this she talks about does animal has spirit.

Soullfire said...

Merry X-Mas Jules!

Common Sense said...

i hope this last post was in 2012. anyhow, i remember this blog from years ago. i'm in asia. if bored, shoot me an email and keep me updated.