Saturday, February 02, 2013

Trades 2/1 and Weekly PnL

D comes home tomorrow, and I'm happy. After 20 years together, I've still not gotten used to him being away and sleeping on another bed...

I'm glad this week's over, and I get a fresh start next week. As with all previous weeks, I'm hoping to never have to nurse another bad trade.

Today's 6J Short
For easy viewing

4-Range Version that I watch

5min that I always watch

Rainbow version I watch when I trade breakouts
This week's PnL

My Kids



I've always loved only Jeff Buckley's  version (probably coz he died young), until I heard the following:

J, if you're reading this, please write me at my email address indicated on my profile page? I kinda (I'm sure D has it but I'm too embarrassed to ask...) lost my yahoo account password a few months ago. I've missed you!

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Soullfire said...

1) Congrats on the week - nice trading. I'm still in nursing mode for mine. :/

2) Cute kids!

3) Why are you posting your high school photos? ;-) The last set of pics made me forget what I was commenting about before. See, now that's how to get D's heart racing! ;-)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


Nice pics! Here's the nonsensical instinctive thinking that pops into my mind:

Pic 1: Either you doing your matrix thing or you trying to hitch a ride?

Pic 2: Can you idiot bitches hurry up! I am bursting!

Pic 3: Yes! Act nonchalant after a fall. You hollywood you!

You go girl!

Jules said...

Yes, Soulfire, saw your recent posts. I am totally with you on the school of hard knocks bit :-)

The photos - that's my grand-daughter. Muahahaaaa!!!

Jules said...

Thank you, SMOL! My ex-agency wasn't very amused though when I shared the same instinctive thinking. :-)