Monday, February 04, 2013

Trades 2/4 (Mon)

It's the time of the year. D wants more for our room, and D's mum wants more for both her bedroom and her studies, and I simply had to say "NO" this time to more renovation. My life was a complete mess ever since renovation began in late 2011 and went on almost non-stop as we bought a second unit less than a year later. 

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the humans in this family can't be happy with a nest that has these:

So D promised no more work on the home this year. The money will be better spent on 4 new monitors for me instead. 

Girl power!!!!

Charts (6J)
Black Background View

White Background view

15-minute View

 Alessandra and Cassandra

Cass totally happy with her home

Ali with Alberto

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Attitude Trader said...

Are you kidding? I'd be happy to sleep on the couch with Alessandra and Cassandra just to live in a place like that!

Girl power!!!!

And good for you!


Singapore Man of Leisure said...

The pic of Cass is priceless!!!

I didn't know cats can sleep on their backs?

I can almost hear her say in her upper class brit accent: "Ring me if it's time for tea. That will be all for now dear. Purrr"

I once put my foot in my mouth when a ex-colleagu had her glamour shots done.

I said: "Wow! Nice MAKEOVER shots!"


Epic fail. And I though I am a people person. LOL!

Jules said...

LOL! AT, I'm afraid Cass is too territorial to share her couch. Even Ali doesn't get to sleep on it now. The living room is officially Cass'. On the eve of Chinese New Year, D sat in the living room for the first time while waiting for dinner, and Cass gave him a very warm welcome which got him totally smitten. I told him she was just playing a good host. :-)

Jules said...

SMOL, cats sleep on their back when they feel safe. Cass is the most nervous of my cats, and will hide under the couch whenever the doorbell rings. But she's most relaxed when there's no stranger at home, and this is her default sleeping posture. She washes herself all over after she's had her meal and gotten a massage on my lap, and immediately after washing she'll be in that "darn good life" posture :-)

Soullfire said...

Looking at that "couch" pic, it's clear what happened - Cass made the same mistake I did last week and went short in the market.

It's a painful lesson, but I'm sure she'll recover and learn to do better next time. =)

On a side note, it's cool that her fur color extends to some of hew paws.