Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Trade 2/5 (Tues)

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I Love You

Shirley Yamaguchi (李香蘭)

梅花 (Plum Blossom)

"The plum blossom represents the male and the peach blossom the female. In this song, the male is virtuous and remains loyal to his lady despite the temptations that surround him."

梅花品格高 比不得桃花妖豔, 整天迎著那春風兒笑 梅花品格高 比不得楊花水性 一生隨著那春風兒飄 梅花的心事 無人知沒人曉 經過了風雪冰霜 你才明瞭 可憐的梅花 它等待你的同情 讓它消一消心頭煩惱。

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