Saturday, February 09, 2013


Ever since my cleaning lady showed up on Wednesday with her very young kid and the kid's very noisy ipad, I have been putting everyone on edge. The cleaning lady was paid and asked to leave right away, and my mother-in-law was told to not allow kids into the house. When she remarked that it's ok to have little children in the house, and that the only reason she thought the kid should be sent home was that she shouldn't have to watch her mum clean someone else' home, D paid for that dearly. 

I hate noisy kids and quiet kids with noisy gadgets, and I hate having strangers loitering in my home, and I hate the overwhelming deliveries (my mother-in-law needs fresh foods), because they distract me from my trades. And I hate people, especially family, who don't care to acknowledge that I deserve  the PEACE and QUIET in my own home to do my work.  I hate it that they cannot see that trading is a real job.

J sent a few emails, and I have been sitting on my reply. It's something that I find myself doing over and over - I invite him to write, and when he does, I hesitate to reply. I cherish our friendship, and hate to disappoint him. So whenever J says he is sad, or disappointed, I back away instinctively. It's complicated. 

All in all, I am in a VERY BAD MOOD, and need to crawl back into my shell before I start throwing chairs at people. I will not resume trading until everyone at home works with me to RESTORE my   work environment. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear bout you having a bad day. I hope you feel better by the time you get to read this!

Include in the cleaners' contract that it's not allowed to bring kids so you can have peace in your place.

We have so much in common, the love for trading, cats, and the hate for noisy kids!

Hang in there and have a nice one!


Liam Brennan said...

Feck crawling into your shell, throw some chairs, make a statement, it's your home!

Jules said...

BBT, you love cats! This might interest you then:


Yes, I totally believe that kids should be seen and not heard. As a kid, I was evil but quiet. I always sat quietly in a corner reading whatever I could get my hands on when the adults are working. I used to slap noisy girls and that's why I never had girl friends. Ha.

Jules said...

Hi Liam!
THANK YOU! :-) I quit throwing chairs at people though :-) Will probably just do nothing for a while during this festive period (chinese new year).

TST said...

You teached that child a good thing Jules ;)

Trading is tougher than my real job, and I plan to put OFFICE signboard