Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy CNY!

I'm officially taking a very short break from trading during the Chinese New Year celebration (traditionally, CNY is celebrated for 14 days) while D clears his leave from last year to spend time at home. He has made plans for us - I will let him work on setting up my new workstation complete with new stands and screens, make him coffee three times a day, and give him a 2-hour massage every night.

The grand plan was for me to stop work last week to prepare for serious trading in 2013. D got me an Android to replace my iphone so I could block out numbers. But he loves the android so much I decided he should be the one to experiment with the new toy, and I chose an easy alternative: have my phone turned off from 9-5. To contact me, D will skype me. And D had skype installed on my computer today, along with other software updates.

While D was busy working on my computer, I surfed the net on his, and took part in a test that helps participants to identify their ideal pet. And this was what it told me. Ha ha. 

And then I chanced upon this. I have to say, I'm really hoping this will freak a lot of people out and set a new natural beauty trend. I have gotten so lazy these days I am not using even moisturizers. If I am not wearing makeup in the day and going to bed with a dozen different creams on my face, it will be darn good if no one else is. Hur hur...

Totally happy with this look for now:



Anonymous said...

Happy New Year !


PS You need an office at least 3 miles from your home, not a new phone :)

Jules said...

:-) Thank you, LW!
I need an office far away from civilization, where I can grow my own vegetables in my backyard. ;-)

Times of Your Life said...

Happy CNY!!!

how do you like the android phone so far?