Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trades 3/18 and Short Update

I've not officially resumed regular trading - there's business that needs taken care of and I have been doing my best to juggle. 

Stage 3 of renovation will begin very soon, and is scheduled to complete in April. I decided to give in as D has been very nice.

Mid April onwards, I will be traveling (at long last - the last time someone managed to get me out of the county was a good 8 years ago - a good friend really wanted me to sing at his wedding). I have inherited my late father-in-law's few decades old hobby (strangely, his own children and wife had little interest in his collection), and begun studying them intensively in the past 2 weeks. Long story short, I will be selecting a few items, including one that I just bought from a US seller (descendent of a Chinese migrant probably) for auctioning overseas.

I have been happier. It doesn't mean that I have been making efforts to be - I am still not sure "happiness" is what I am looking for - but I am indeed not feeling as rotten. Having communicated with Long and Wrong helps. New hobbies (I even started painting - and D likes a painting of Cassandra so much he wants to get it framed and hung on where we intended to hang extremely tasteful painting) really help too.

My mother in law has begun to show tremendous tolerance for my autistic tendencies and symptoms. Life hasn't been easy for D - although no voices have ever been raised in the house, I was starting to really withdraw and according to D, been acting extremely weird. Daily cheery "good morning" and boisterous "good night", and knocks on my door to ask about anything would have me pulling my hair out and scratching my body for up to weeks. I hate sounds with such vengeance I actually took the pain to figure out how to program all the Bosch machines in the house to not make a single sound.

It has been a week and I think Mama have gotten over the initial shock of being asked to treat me like air from Monday to Friday. I don't want to greet and be greeted and I don't want to make any small talks. The need to make conversation dozens of times a day for the past 9 months has really taken a toll on my sanity. D hunted around the world for a perfect set of wireless ear plugs for me - I wear the gadget prettily around my neck, and listen to music or movies all day everywhere I move around the house that is within range.  That blocks out almost everything else that I don't want to hear, and my life has since been tremendously good.

6J trades from yesterday:
6J 5min
 Holding a CL short:

"我就似被世人常厭棄 並未可擁抱一瞬間相戀趣味
害怕一秒一秒死 若然別人願意靠近不想孤獨坐長途客機"


Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I was a bit hesitant in writing... then I realised. Silly me! My comment is silent.

If you are sleeping on your back with hands outstretched - like Cass - you'll OK ;)

Oh! By the way, powderful trades on JPY! Now that's what I call bliss :)


Soullfire said...

Wow - if those trades are the result of putting in a quiet environment - hurrah for silence! =)

I may have to find out more from you about that wireless device - sounds very useful.

Anonymous said...

As you know I've always worried about your mental state. Finding communication with me "helpful" sort of confirms that you are past saving :)

Jules said...

THIS I know is true, LW. ;-)

Jules said...

YES, I do sleep on my back, SMOL! :-) Hands are always on my tummy though coz if I stretch, I will hit Cass and D coz they snuggle up to me on my left and my right :-)

Jules said...

Soulfire :-) I can put up with a lot of noise, even construction noises. (So I can be in a crowded place as long as no one is trying to speak with me, or touch me in anyway. Whenever someone accidentally or intentionally bump into me, I instinctively wish that something really bad happens to them)

What distracts me is individual noises and individuals that I am obligated to entertain. :-)