Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trades 3/19 (Tues) and ROILED

I spoke too soon. I am doomed. My good life will never return. I am forever stuck with someone who constantly wants to "cure" me. She was a trauma surgeon, and I suppose that makes her the perfect person to fix a traumatized aspie.

I took a small loss on CL during the early evening yesterday, and was prepared to short it if it test the high of the day. My mother in law had to knock on my door at the very moment I was all set to place an order, over the most mundane matters. I have been leaving my door ajar to allow my cats access (the cat door is on the wrong door and the doors have yet to be swapped), and I couldn't imagine having my mother in law come in if I didn't respond (I was without my ear plug as I had put it to charge), so I did. And she went on and on, and when I was finally alone with my charts again, I was in the mood to kill.

D came home in the middle of my trade and the moment he stepped in, he could sense that something was very wrong - I had music on full blast. He asked if it was Mama. "She made you talk?" I nodded, D then proceeded to speak to my mother in law, telling her, for the umpteenth time, to LEAVE ME ALONE, because my disorder is REAL.

I have done my part to make sure the house is stocked with dry healthy food we can't finish in a whole damn year; there is fresh fruits and lots of greens and everything that she needs in all the right places. I give her enough Korean dramas to watch for the next few years, her very own exercise machines in her room, books to read, and a grand display cabinet customized for her to showcase her few dozen precious crystals. The cleaning lady cleans the house, and I take care of all the meals, and I ban my cats from going anywhere near her room (the last time Ali slipped in and jumped on her bed, she puts her bedsheet to wash IMMEDIATELY). And she cannot agree to doing just one simple thing I ask for: DON'T KNOCK ON MY DOOR WHEN I AM WORKING.


All my mind could process was her atrocity the whole time I was in my CL trade, and history taught me that the best course of action was to get out. I knew I would be kicking myself and revenge trading the following day if CL were to make it to S1 after I covered my 3 shorts. So I told D to change my IB password to deny me access if CL hit S1 during the time I would otherwise have stayed up to manage my trades.

And CL did hit S1 before my usual bedtime.
I didn't have to tell D how much I am STILL paying for his mother to feel good about herself (for just this episode, about 4 grand):

So no trading for me for the next few days. I will be repeating this on full blast instead.

The last time I played a single track for days, Seabloke puked at the thought of the song.

Yes, I totally want my mother in law to have a taste of her own medicine.

On a lighter note, thank you SMOL and Soulfire, for dropping by. And this is a capture of the wireless gadget (LG aptX) that sits on my neck most time of the day:

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Liam Brennan said...

Love the look of that LG headset. What's the audio quality like? I'm usually pretty dubious of anything bluetooth related.

Jules said...

Hi Liam!
I was skeptical at first. But it turned out to be really good. Besides the good sound, battery last a good 2 days (I have it on for at least 12 hours a day) before you need to charge it. And there's an audio reminder on how much battery is left each time you turn on the headset.

Liam Brennan said...

Thanks for the reply. Looks like I might have to invest. Can't trade without music! Would be useful for the gym as well.