Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trades 3/20 (Wed) and Very, Very Noisy Helps

Home was a battleground today. Cleaning lady was vacuuming, Mama was doing her laundry, Ali and Cass were chasing each other throughout the house and knocking over stuff, I was playing Chinese Kungfu movies - sans ear plug, and Mama was playing her Korean series. 

As long as no one at home is trying to be nice, I feel happy and calm.

D didn't change my password after all. I kept my side of the deal and stayed away from CL. 

6J 5min
I am wrapping up for the week. D has taken leave to do something very interesting with me - sending his car in for servicing and taking the bus to tour the city after. Ha.

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Singapore Man of Leisure said...


2 thumbs up!

After all the winnings on JPY, maybe you and D can consider going to Tokyo for cherry blossom watching next month ;)

With cheaper JPY exchange rate to boot!

I like Japan. Or maybe it's because, ahem, I like the "cherry blossoms"?

Boys will be boys. Sticking tongue out.


Jules said...

SMOL :-) Yep, my impression is that you really like Japan. And many I know (and yes, mostly male! Ha!) who returned from a trip to rural Japan looked forward to revisiting.

It's a shame I'm not the traveling type. :-)