Friday, March 22, 2013

Trades 3/22 (Thurs)

6J 1min

CL 5min

Today was supposed to be a non-trading day for me, so I didn't even have my charts opened. D had to work from home after all, so I went to work on my other project. All was well until D's mum came to mess with my mind AGAIN. I am starting to think she is evil. For the first time, I refused to hide my frustration. "PLEASE, Mama!" were the only words I summoned enough courage to say. She turned and walked away immediately, right when D came to check on us. 

Long story short, I was too pissed to try to make sense of what happened, and by instinct, simply opened my charts so I could be at a happier place. 

I ended up trading around the pivot level first in yen, then in oil - something I avoid doing especially during globex hours whenever I am not trading angry. After 3 trades, I realized the folly of what I was doing, and got out in the nick of time. 

D spoke to his mum again, which I knew was going to be just another futile attempt to get her to accept me for who I am. According to D, she cried. I wasn't surprised. Manipulative females do that. 

The verdict was exactly what I expected - mama is good and innocent; jules is eccentric and evil.

I will never be the person that D loves the most, and I'm glad I always know that. And I'm most glad that I have always taken it with a pinch of salt when he says he understands me. 

I have been mentally prepared for a while now to move out with my cats when things get rough. I still cannot believe that D and I have come this far - a bad ending is easier to grasp.


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Soullfire said...

Hmmm, I'm thinking that perhaps D's mum thought it was okay to approach you today because is was a non-trading day.

It seems D's mum may be afflicted with the opposite conditions as you- and she feels compelled to socialize...don't know the name for it, but I'm sure there's one. =)

D has to walk a tender line between the women who gave him life and the one he's pledged his heart to. I'm sure you both mean the world to him.

Maybe establish hard physical ground rules so that there can never be any doubt on when you are approachable- you you have official office hours where you can't be disturbed unless the house is on fire. =)

Singapore Man of Leisure said...

db said...

Come on, don't always be so self-centered. You are already a grown-up woman, like it or not..

db said...

You have many things going for you, and many of us are rooting for you to find your happiness..
If you think that things are getting "out-of-hand", just think of people who have to face harsh realities.. like the woman who had her nose cut off out of her hubby's spite, or the man who had his limbs blown off coz of the war zone that he lives in..
Please get a grip on yourself for D's sake..