Monday, June 10, 2013

One Day at a Time

I've been asking myself this a lot recently : is trading really my calling, and if it is, how is it a calling when what I'm doing is simply eat what I kill?

I found the answer when I was re-reading Philip Yancey's "Rumors of Another World". 

So, I am going to continue to blog for as long as there are still people reading. 

I coerced D into taking a trip to the breeder with me yesterday. I even brought along a carrier - I was determined to bring home another kitten. But when we got there, I thought about how attached Cassandra is to me, and how upset Ali was when Cassandra came, and how I would feel if D were to get a few mistresses to live with me. And we went home empty-handed. 

D didn't ask but I told him anyway - I have stopped taking all my medication and quit smoking and the next thing I was going to do was to get a full body checkup. Then I was going to get pregnant. That was plan A. It didn't work out. So I executed ridiculous plan B. It's good I realized my stupidity soon enough.

My cough is not getting better, and I am getting more lethargic with each day passing. I spend my non-trading hours watching a 3-season ATV production on really cool vampires , reading about friends' kids on Facebook, and going over pictures of friends in HK, the US and Canada. I really miss the snow.

A friend shared a clip on the dance troupe "Attraction" dancing to this song that I'm loving very much:

The dance:

And since we're at it (indulge me, at least watch 02:47 - 04:00):

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austinp said...

"My cough is not getting better, and I am getting more lethargic with each day passing..."

Jules, you are as or more intelligent than everyone else reading your words. You know the unhidden secret to feeling better all around: no smoking, healthy diet and exercise. And lots of fresh air outdoors.

Plenty of snow here in North America several months per year. Hire a kitty sitter, book a trip for you & D to the west this fall and enjoy our change of seasons over here :)

Soullfire said...

You don't trade in large enough size to make the claim that you're eating what you kill. No one is going home in a wooden barrel for clothes because of you. ;-) You can feel good knowing that your income is oppression free.

You are surfing the waves made by giants, and doing it quite well I might add.

When you compare your income with what the typical office worker makes- that you can make in a fraction of the time, what is it that you would prefer doing instead? =)

Jules said...

Soulfire :-)

On what I would prefer doing instead - you'll have to watch the whole Philip Yancey talk to find out ;-)

I saw your posts on Xanga. I was a little taken aback when they wrote about fees too. So you're migrating to Wordpress?

Soullfire said...

That video is an hour long - where are the cliff notes? ;-P

Not sure where I'll move my general blog yet...still checking my options...