Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Trades 6/11 (Tues)

Trades Part 1
6J 5min
 Trades Part 2  (totally unnecessary)
6J 1min
Lots to share, but too sick to write. 

Thank you. :-) I used to get outdoor a lot before I quit smoking. ;-)

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austinp said...

"Austin, Thank you. :-) I used to get outdoor a lot before I quit smoking. ;-)"

lol! You are quite a handful, young lady. My utmost sympathies and best wishes to "D" in staying one step ahead of you [big grin]

austinp said...

edit: Upon further thought, I hope yesterday's sarcasm was clear for the pun that it was meant to be.

In the entire history of mankind, men are only led to believe they can match wits with women... took me 40+ years to realize that fact

Trade well, and don't let those wild v-turns in yen futures these days catch you leaning the wrong way. Stay nimble :)

Jules said...

shhhh...D's reading, Austin... ;-)

Yes, yen is crazy during US hours - which is why I try to stay within the globex zone. You'll notice I am trading single contracts again. That said, "stay nimble" sounds a little odd coming from you :-P

austinp said...

"stay nimble" sounds a little odd coming from you...

well, I'm always prepped to swap directions soon as price action confirms a change. Yesterday it was short-only and today long-only in eminis... but those wild beta symbols (anything currency related) can v-turn from anywhere in a news-release instant.

The big 5-0 awaits me late in 2014's calendar. I must be getting old... starting to really enjoy the plodding symbols rather than explosive ones of old. Men get old and women age gracefully :)

Jules said...

:-) Haven't you heard, Austin? Men are like a good bottle of red wine. The older, the better ;-)

Take a look at this 58-year-old idol of mine: http://q-menswear.com/the-fashionista-mr-simon-yam/