Thursday, June 13, 2013

Trades 6/12 - 6/13 (Wed - Thurs)

6J 15min (Wed)
6J 15min (Thurs)
Alberto has been hacking a lot too for the past 3 days. Since 4am my time today, we were both running numerous times to our respective restrooms to try to spit out something, and crossing path so many times it made me laugh. 

I tried to console Al, and Al tried to console me the typical Alberto way (sitting on my chest and putting his paws under my chin). 

Al will be seeing dear Dr Nathan (whom I text late last night for help, and she wrote back almost immediately as she always did in the past) tomorrow, and I am finally going to see my very expensive family physician on Saturday (I gave up on D's company doctor). I hope both Al and I will stop coughing and sneezing so we could join the the girls (Ali and Cass) and D in all the fun they are having every night. 

I moved Ali and Cass' dining area again. The original dining table is actually a kitchen island for human beings and has the perfect height for grooming the 2 girls and Al. I've made it a point to groom all 3 every day (I learnt from watching "Robot and Frank" (my favorite movie after Iron Man) that someone like me can really use some ROUTINE), with Cass needing more care because we just found out that she is actually a SCOTTISH FOLD with straight ears (??!!!!!!). Explains her excessive ear wax, and extremely silly disposition compared to Alessandra and Alberto (the typical British COOL). 

Cassandra and Alessandra


Ali and Cass

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