Friday, June 14, 2013

Trades 6/14 (Fri)

6J 15min

D got home early today, and I am happy. I remind me of 24 season 4's Erin Driscoll's schizophrenic daughter, who utterly hates being without her mother's company. 

D is starting to work from home a lot because it makes me happy to have him at home - even when he is on conference call the entire time. To a certain extent, he loves the free-flowing coffee and the quiet (I am with my hands-free listening to TV, movies, and anything on you-tube that interest me until D announces his working day is officially over - sometimes at 12am), I think. 

Little wonder that I have always loved this story to death. 

This is for my very dear friend, J (I got all your mails, by the way, and archive and re-read all of them) , who I have not written to in a long time, for the very same reason I don't write my own 22-year-old daughter, who I love with all my heart

This is the best first dance I've seen, and really enjoy watching (started out ordinary, be patient and wait for the best parts to roll in):

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