Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Adieu 2014 and a CL Short

It's the time of the year again, as I wait anxiously for old friends to start landing in Singapore from the first week of December on.  

This is the last year I will be hosting visiting relatives and friends in this not entirely inviting 3000-sqft home (my cleaning lady's 8-year-old son once asked me why 2 adults and 4 cats need that kind of space...I'm just glad that D's mum decided to return to LA for good. Going forward, I'm sparing no effort in putting year 2011-2014 behind me. I need to do a lot more than merely move on to normalcy to make up for lost time and YOUTH!).

By this time next year, barring any unforeseen circumstances, we ought to be back at one of our cozier homes that are nearer to civilization (D and I had in the past months been bickering over which one it's going to be - with D insisting, as he always does, "the bigger, the merrier", and me bent on taking the one that is fetching a lousy rental yield), and from where I could perhaps begin to visualize and plan a more promising future.

My felines are thriving on a raw ALMOST whole-prey diet. All attempts to entice them to eat a whole chicken leg by themselves have been fact, they hate chicken, and would only eat RED meat that I painstakingly cut (when partially frozen - my lordly felines don't care for meat that are fully thawed during cutting) into long 1-cm wide strips for them - all 5000g of bloody grass fed beef and lamb and venison liver, hearts and lungs per week. For calcium, they get homemade egg-shell supplement that I laboriously grind into powder using a stone MORTAR and PESTLE. I want to be a cat.

I took a short position in CL yesterday, against the advice of the perpetually bullish D. I can't say I'm a perpetual bear, not in CL, but as I was looking at my charts, I felt it was good to sell oil. When D told me it was Election Day, I simply HAD TO sell oil.

CL 5min

And now I resume my trading break.

@ Soulfire: Thank you for the video clip (shown below) :-) It was the same video another one of my dear friends shared with me some time back, which I couldn't help sharing with just about anyone else who didn't hate animals in general LOL. 

@ Ed: You are right, Ed, vegan diets definitely require supplements particularly B12. I have started to put butter, eggs and fish (if you are having mussels, get green-lipped mussels) back on. I grill all the salmon that my cats refuse to eat. Ha. 

Yes, I've read "Think and Grow Rich", "Millionaire Next Door", "Psycho Cybernetics" and a few other titles in the past 2 months. Nassim Nicholas Taleb's "The Black Swan" remains my favorite. I LOVE a sarcastic writer :-)  

Re real estate - yep, I always aim to buy low and sell/rent high (if only I could do the same for trading...). Hur hur....The property market here is not too pretty right now though it doesn't look like investors are really getting the shakes..I am in the meantime taking a break from property hunting and exploring more meaningful pursuits...You trade pull-back? I can never execute one properly :-)

@ MM: How are you??! Good to hear from you :-) You recommend vegan? But it gives me terrible moods and those mysterious nerve pains stop me from getting any sleep. You're not normal. LOL! 

I was just kidding about the bi-polar bit. It would be really awful to be both an aspie and a bi-polar! 

And a song I have been irritating D with (a lovely piece in one of my favorite Chinese dialects - D hates it because it is not his mother-tongue...speaking of which, I was asked by our banker who dropped by last evening if I am a "Hongkie", after he overheard me speaking in Cantonese with D. I replied that D is the "Hongkie" and I am merely the wife. Otherwise a perfectly fine young man.):

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Singapore Man of Leisure said...

Aloha Jules!

No, I won't welcome you back for you were never gone (from our hearts).


Jules said...

Hello, SMOL!
Thank you :-)
Busy preparing for your event in Jan?

Singapore Man of Leisure said...


I've done it before.

Just rehashing some of my old story telling in Shanghai.

It's a way for me to meet girls.

I'll faint if majority are uncles and aunties!

Market Monkey said...

Re:Being Normal- You know, it's funny, your "Dear Friend" has told the same thing...a few hundred times!! But then I think of you guys and realize I'm part of the same special

"You recommend vegan? But it gives me terrible moods and those mysterious nerve pains stop me from getting any sleep."

That's just the emotional and physical detox symptoms kicking in. C'mon Jules...I know you're tougher than that!

But seriously, check out "Forks Over Knives" the documentary and maybe 80/10/10 by Douglas Graham if you're interested in improving physical and mental well-being through nutrition.

Great to hear from you too :)

Mike Salis said...

Hi Jules
I'm glad to see you back, I have always really enjoyed your blog. You have many times inspired me to start my own blog, which I have yet to start.
I had re-enabled my FB account a year or so ago to add you, yet did not find myself logging on so I deactivated it again.
Thank you for sharing yourself so openly through this medium.


Attitude Trader said...

Once again, and as always, all the best of wishes to you.


Ed said...

Thanks for the green lipped mussel recommendation. Haven't heard of them before, :)

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